Day Two

By Alex McGehee


Your beauty is a life-long feast of endless pleasure to devour,

To be present to it is all I ever ask.

It is sufficient.

Ever since I saw your eyes gleaming like a tiger’s, ever since I saw your face in the golden afternoon philosophy class sun.

To be the one to see your face, to see your face when I sleep and when I wake up,

All else matters little in comparison, details and tactical trivia.

The way you want to look at her face, to drink it in and sigh, the way you feel when you lean against her and hear her heart, as if you can hear God at her author’s type writer, writing as fast as she can, spinning us a nest for our love story.

This is what I have always been trying to say when I say “don’t worry cutie.”

Don’t worry. If I can sit beside you and look into your eyes while you still live, all the rest is crumbs and deets. To look into her eyes and your eyes. To look into her eyes and my eyes. Now, now you understand.

Day One

By Alex McGehee


“It’s curtains for the curtains,” they say at the same time, laughing.

A thousand moments every day, the rainbows of laughter,

Heaven is the place you created for us,

Trying to make us laugh you taught us love.

Welcome home. We’re dating now, and this is day one.

Day Nineteen #NaPoWriMo2019

Day Nineteen #NaPoWriMo2019

By Alex McGehee






Effortlessly, elegantly

Free, feisty,














Terrible, terrific, trouble


Vibrant, vocal

Wizards, witches, women, walksies



Zestful, zany, zippy, zigzag.

NaPoWriMo Day 19 Poem 1


By Maia McGehee

“Don’t stress Maia”

Said my wife to herself on a particularly hard day

Meaning she should make it easy for me

“Don’t stress, Maia”

I say to myself on that same day

Meaning to control my anxiety

“Don’t stress ‘Maia’”

I say to my friends when they struggle to say

“Maia” instead of my old name

The English language is full of ambiguity

We can say the same thing

And mean so many different things!

Day Eighteen #NaPoWriMo2019

Day Eighteen #NaPoWriMo2019

By Alex McGehee


My lamentation for you

Is in nearly everything.

Perhaps not

The color pink,

or, the orange of a sunset.

Not in the cool sands of Seattle’s beaches,

Or in bellydancing in a room lacking floorspace.

No, you are not in the candles, carefully lit by Catholics,

Though you were with me for Chanukah, and taught me prayers

Only Buddha knew.

You found the sound of Arabic sung

So beautiful, panting in delight,

Ears high in happy, attentive, listening.

You are in my mindfulness, in every step I arrive in,

In my breath, and in the spaces without breath,

You are.

NaPoWriMo Day 10 Poem 1

An Ode To Adjucting

By Maia McGehee

Lessons to write
Lessons to give
Lessons to regret

Emails to read
Emails to send
Emails to mark read

Exams to grade
Paper prompts to write
Discussion posts to read (and grade)

Training to complete
Absence forms to turn in
Pay to get docked

Bills to pay (or avoid paying until another day)
Taxes to file
Taxes to owe (really, though?)

Plagiarized papers to deal with
Missed exams to schedule
Late work to accept (or deny)

Students’ lives to change
Students’ attention to grab (or not)
Students who slip through the cracks (despite your best efforts)

No chance of security
No chance of a living wage
No chance of respect

Fulfillment? Sure, there’s some
But at what cost?

This is the state of education
With no end in sight

It’s our choice, true
But it won’t be long before we’re through

Day Eleven #NaPoWriMo2019

Day Eleven #NaPoWriMo2019

By Alex McGehee


Things that amuse me, poems to write,

Poems to amuse me, in spirit and sight.

Things that worry me, and things I adore,

Sitting on the computer, wanting more and more.

Communication and comfort, is all that I seek,

So I spend more time on social media, week after week,

And suddenly I realize, everything has gotten quite bleak,

And anxious, when it was only truth that I seek.

Peace and truth, and hope and love,

And comfort that there is, some kind of God above.

I look and I hope, and I listen and wait,

Praying for the Lord, my soul to take.

So now social media, let me gone,

We played around for a while, sang a few songs,

But now I am tired and you’ll soon be bored,

Because nothing this Autistic girl can do, will leave you truly floored.

In the way that you want, in the way that you need,

Desiring to have influence, so many people to please,

Never can you really, be true to yourself,

So many factor to compromise, so many risks to your health,

Mental and physical, psychological too,

So for now social media, ado, ado. 

NaPoWriMo Day 8 Poem 1

Day Eight #NaPoWriMo Poem One

By Maia McGehee

What makes me this shape?

Is it my genes?

My diet?

How fit I am?

What makes me this non-ideal shape?

Am I, in fact, non-ideal?

Should this be a deal breaker?

As if, on the deal, I just ended up with a bad hand

Turns out, I’m the shape of a little man